Media Education - Roots Of Insanity

Born into innocence, unsure of what conception might entail, birth is being thrust into oblivion, emerging out of a deep sleep like someone arriving from coma. Flooding awareness, senses perceive feeling and new sight that over time must be sorted, to be understood. The process of building reality becomes life's fundamental preoccupation. Children learn from their parents, neighbors, friends, and environments absorbing and assimilating experience, trying to define self. Everything influences opinion as events, people, and places are digested to form preference and opinion. When older children enter the realm of education, public knowledge, and societies effort to teach them the things that will be necessary to mature into what we term adult.

Day by day, they evolve condensing culture, forming personalities. Parents go to their jobs. Kids go to school. In the evening, everyone gathers for meals and a night of television entertainment. Everything is assumed safe and sheltered with every child looked after and cared for. They grow taught a way of being by a particular set of standards, until later they assume the role of maturity. We teach what we hope will educate them for later life, but what if some of what is emphasized in education truly had no bearing on real world issues? What if better ways exist to prepare children for the realities that are out there and not the ideal safe haven we wish our everyday worlds to be.

We do not adequately instruct children on the unpredictability of the real world. We have not honestly informed them of the sexually dominated orientation of society. There are predators, stalkers, and murderers out their trying to induce strange fantasy on innocent and unsuspecting victims. Currently, several high profile cases have the media focused on issues of child abuse, rape, and molestation in places such as Church, schools, and even the homes via the internet. It's time to re-evaluate what is important to make children aware of. Education must include those things that might best forewarn them about the dangers they will face in the real world of unpredictable society

Sexuality is a dominating factor in life. We cannot continue to ignore its power over people and the lengths at which people will go to find pleasure. Many deviants are out there everyday seeking to take advantage on unsuspecting victims. Classes of self- defense and rape prevention I feel should be included in every person's upbringing. Every child and woman should be exposed to techniques that might make familiar the things that can be done in such situations. Statistics show that for some of us at some point, life will bring on such awkward circumstance.

Issues now concerning the children should be as regarded as subjects from the basic core of teaching stressed in classes. Schools should truly prepare kids for world living and the harsh realities that define our time. Things like depression, suicide, feelings to commit school shootings, murder drugs, isolation,, sex, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases must be overly discussed so that they can find clarity in these tough issues. Knowledge is prevention and conversation replaces ignorance. Many things could be avoided if they were discussed openly in heartfelt dialogue. We have to accept responsibility as a culture that yes things like pedophilia, date rape, school shootings, and cyber stalking are indeed real and happening, even now, and yes there are things to be done to combat occurrence.

Statistics prove, these things are going to happen all to frequently and that many times children are so young they don't realize what's happening to them or that they should speak to some authority about it. We are an easily victimized society because we have become complacent in our comfort. We have worlds that we're safe in that are untouched by such atrocity. Sometimes when things don't exist in our private worlds they don't exist for us at all. Like spinal cord injury you never suspect. Something's can be prevented. We have to wake up and confront such possibilities to insure that children and people report such behaviors. Education should be given careful scrutiny to better elucidate what is important to the raising of our children in these times.

We cannot ignore serious issues just because we don't want to deal with them. That's what the Catholic Church did with their many pedophilic priests and look where things are now, blown out of proportion because no one wanted to do anything about it when it first began occurring. If they would have just dealt with it so many less innocent children would never have been jeopardized. Let's as a society start to approach the issues that are of major concern to the children and our teens. We need to do something before things really get out of hand. First law of society should always be, "Do nothing that harms the children or those that protect, educate, and nurture them. Second law, "Never forget the first law."