Honoring your Disability

Many of us that are challenged by tragedy in our lives are forced to work ourselves into a mindstate that makes us feel valuable and worthy in some way. Crushed, we must rise from the ashes and pheonix rebirth, but all is done in time and over many obstacles. Breaking your neck or back, injuring your brain capacity and function; these are things which leave permanent scars and lasting impressions. When initially injured if in pain honor your pain. Many of us are forced to bear and endure lifelong pain simply from being in a sitting posture. This is fact it's not real healthy being disabled and sitting all day so do what you can to combat the inevitable effects of using a wheelchair. Get your limbs ranged, change positions often, cross your legs, lay on your stomach, arch backwards, take baths, do steam rooms, get massaged, etc... Life with a disability can be real great.

After initial injury everyone sort of pushes those individuals injured, in true compassion, to what society percieves as normality. We want more than anything else for that person to be as close to what was remember than what is Remember breaking your neck is not an easy experience to shrug off and certainly can not be done so. It challenges each of us to adapt in ever instance to its intrusion and that is fine. Honor it and its effect in your life. Disability has changed my goals, dreams, pleasures, and priorities in life. It demands that you pay attention to its lessons and its trials. It has taught me how precious life is, that you are never promised another moment, and to make every one count. My relationships with myself, others and life are strangely different in that they are true and based on something greater than just narrow conversation.

Some people think disability is a negative thing. Many view themselves as monsters in society, but this is all opinion. I tend to see myself as a King or at least a star. I thrive on the attention because I know it will be there. that they will stare, but thats ok I stare back, wink, and sometimes blow kisses...