A Matter Of Luck

Everything is different and that's okay as long as I recognize and adjust accordingly. It's amazing to me that 18% of our overall population here in the states is and has dealt with disability ona personal level. 53 million individuals, myself included , firends, families, and relations have all been touched by tragedy and have had their own mortality questioned in light of another's life. We learn disability happens as life happens. That accidents occur all the time and occur even now as we speak. There will be a whole population of individuals shattered by fate and left to make sense of broken questions and broken lives.

In turn they will have to face a cruel world and prying eyes, challenge themselves to step up to this new way of being. And it will be the hardest challenge to ever be issued and not all can muster the strength for its trial. Life becomes completely different. Nothing is the same. Friends, family, relationships with others, all things change and dreams and goals that once were so important become less significant. Life becomes different because it is so precious. Every moment forward is a bonus, lucky was I to survive.

There is a strange peace to living with disability. Because it becomes fruitless to pursue movement or activities in that direction other avenues present themselves and rekindle inspiration, passion for life just differently. I am different, disability aged me certainly, challenging my soul to all oblivion. No one will know and explanation can't truly be given. There is difference in each disability and there is not one individual alive that doesn't have some kind of weirdness about themselves.

Each individual because they are unique pursue life according to distinctual quirks in behavior. There are people that act paralyzed that aren't and paralyzed persons that act dead but aren't. It's all individual from our care, to our movements to what we are able to accomplish and do.

It's not necessarily the disability that tramatizes the indivual the most. Often it is the response to the injury, the direction one takes in the aftermath of tragedy that allows for inclusion, effort, and interaction with the external world. Some simply give up and allow for horrid circumstances to become their realities because they see no alternative so they succumb to nightmarish surroundings. Which in many situations are not their fault.

Nursing homes have become dumping grounds, semi'monitored institutions which house people often in prisonike fashion to degrading condition. Many prefer death rather than live alone with others dumped in the same way. There are persons with full capacity who live in nursing homes simply because of no where to go. This cost the States and the Nations billions of dollars, but that's 'just the waay it is.'

Anyways I guess what I'm getting at is that there is very little options for persons with disabilites. And to survive the ways of the system is a matter of luck and whether a support structure exists to support someone who is newly injured. That means many times its not an idividuals choice to live in the commnity but more a matter of fated luck.