Restructuring A Nationwide Legislation For Long Term Care

The Waiver should be Nationwide affecting all similarly, transferable between states, and be the first choice before institutionalization. The waiver will provide cheaper, healthier alternatives to institutionalization and give real choice to people who have already lost so much of their lives. The waiver must be intertwined with incentives to work and become productive, contributing members of society doing those things which disability does not impinge upon. Social security must allow for work incentive, positive earned income, and ownership of land, housing, and transportation.

We must structure the ILP into the very beginning of trauma rehabilitation. The History, Literature, and self empowering support network of ILP is every bit as important as teaching individuals basic activities of daily living associated with new injury.

The transition into initial injury should run smooth with the establishment of a support structure inclusive of family members who care most about the person and for whom the person is already comfortable with in an intimate level; also federal, state aid, funds, waivers, SSI, SSDI, Medicaid etc. be established before the individual actually leaves the hospital to return home or into a home and not nursing home setting.

Individuals families can become paid support for individuals creating a support network of those who wish to do the care anyway. This would also save on RN/LPN associated services which run into high dollar need.
A living stipend should be provided for families in need, so that members do not have to quit jobs the jobs which provide support to all its members.

The SCI/Brain Trust Fund currently being standardized in Georgia could kick in here for additional aid support which may provide some home modification, adaptive aids, technology, and or payment for housing or personal care. Hopefully a Better Bathrooms Standards act will exist for prior accomadation which would allow access for people with disabilities into all housing situations. National Housing Visitability would be established everywhere making all new residential access.

We must also integrate the ILP into our children's educational, secondary, post secondary educational systems with the reality of inclusion which also should be reflected in the work force and lifestyle structural systems for people with disabilities and without disabilities.

We must establish a care plan for each individual whether born into or traumatically incepted into disability with the independent living philosophy allowing for opportunity and choice. Space must be allowed for a safe transitional phase for person's new to disability to properly give necessary time for healing (minimum one year.)

We must also make sure that insurance companies and Medicaid/Medicare work together and not against one another in purchasing necessary equipment and support for those already tramautized by fate and circumstance. Every effort should be made to comfort and help individuals and their family members to adjust as effortlessly as possible. Both the government and private insurance should work together in covering the cost of the initial injury, and follow up support.

Transition out of Hospital

Allow for one year to adjust to life with a disability this includes relearning simple tasks reading, writing, brushing, eating, etc. Then when an individual is ready to face and deal with disability the independent living philosophy emphasizing history and current affairs, should be introduced to all who will in later life embrace is freedom. This single condition is the basis for a quality of inspired living not found anywhere, in an nursing home, or institutional facility.

Further a plan of action should be written to assess goals, dreams, loves, and passions. Also any kind of adaptive aids, technology, and assistive device would be explored to better enable independence and dignity to those as still newly injured to help in the transition to the disability.

DRS and DHR would be involved in accomodating the person to their environment and to their condition, helping them in anyway possible, to focus on activities, which will one day help them to give back to society in some productive manner. Possible computer assessment, peer support training…

The waiver must be established with no age limit, and no conditions which will discriminate against any person. Exposure to hiring/firing methods, managing personal assistants, support systems, recreational systems, advocacy groups, ILP, philosophy and history, literature, films, books, leadership training, and self empowerment classes should be incorporated to expose the person as to what is truly available in the world for those living and experiencing disability every day.

This allows for inspiration and encompassing activity, also peer supporters whose lives are their examples should be introduced to each person new to disability and in that way true example and possibility can be seen on a face to face intimate level.

Then when ready those individuals will learn to relate with groups mainstream and disabled realizing that 1/5th of the whole population is disabled and akin to circumstance. This allows empowerment. Further these people will then fuel the movement forward guided and wise in the ways of the ILP.

Then those whose lives truly reflect the ILP will assist families into a smooth, as less stress as possible way of transitioning the whole family into understanding disability without any negative connotation. Care/consideration for both the individuals and family members must be initialized immediately to evolve the individual back into dignity with themselves and their environments, their realities, and their paths. The whole structure of suprting disability in our society must move from one of a profit oriented institutional bias to one of compassion and consideration for those marked by fate and stranger circumstance. We must empower the individual back into service for themselves, their families, and their communities.

There must never be room for neglect, degradation, abuse, or abandonment.
In fact, no negative connotation must ever be associated with disability to properly sire a person into life with a disability. We, you, in a truly inclusive society would be everywhere free to go anywhere. After all, we are all privileged to the Earth equally. Though some care less, and some care not at all, we are fairly entitled to all variety and chance.

Unless the ILP is scaled into the whole transition of life into life with a disability, the dream of the ADA will never be realized. The route of inclusion, integration, and community based service must be started immediately upon initial introduction to life with a disability, and not after years of neglect and condemnation by society its members and its government.

However different our lives may be, they still are our lives and life is still precious in its enfolding and a blessing of grand magnitude for us all. With a little help from society, and its members, people with disabilities could live hearty, productive, and inspired lives. We can give to society in more ways than words can threaten to tell, all we need is a little assistance and a whole lot of consideration.