Increasing Interest

The way it looks now there is increasing interest in disability rights. And there should be. People with disabilities are seeking the same civil rights guaranteed to all by our nation's constitution. Somehow we were excluded from those rights.

ADAPT is not just about providing people with a choice, it's something deeper than that. It's something a little bit more righteous. We choose to help those that are dealing with themselves and their conditions.

Nobody is here for money, they're there for the cause. It's something very real, and when you get there, you can feel that. That's why I'm writing about ADAPT, because everybody thinks ADAPT is about getting arrested, about taking over government buildings and laying seige to corporations and industries.

That is a part of it, but the reality behind the movement is very soulful and more profound. People, friends, family are dying, more each day in horrific environments, from their surroundings rather than their age or disability.

Though we do what is necessary, nonviolent civil disobedience when needed, our focus is not that, our focus is change, our focus is to do what is necessary to get change, to develop a shift in the health paradigm, and the health industry. The whole attitude is biased to corporations and institutionalization. We need to change things for everyone. 20% of the population out there deals intimately with disability on a moment to moment basis. Perhaps 50% at least are affected by a close association to a friends or family members disability. This means a large portion of mainstream society deals with disability at least by association.

Whatever the disability may be, no matter how minor or major, significant or insignificant, there is something, some little distraction, that reminds each of us on a deep level, that not all things are perfect, that not everything is smooth and flowing in life, and that changes like tragedy occur on all levels. We must embrace each other at these times, help one another, do the Christ-like behaviors which are worshipped by our culture. We have to remember that sometime in some way, each of us will need help from whoever the good samaritan maybe, in what ever mask, what ever form, what ever shape…the fact is, is that none of us can survive in our everyday lives through the whimsies of life without the help of each other, and one another.

So it is really truly up to each one of us to just make a choice and decide for ourselves that money isn't everything, and doesn't mean everything, that helping each other, helping one another, is greater in significance, greater in meaning, deeper in soulful feeling, than accumulating wealth , toys , and luxuries. It's not all about that.

Each of us has an aunt or a nephew, brother, sister, mother or father, somebody who's been touched in some way by tragedy. It is our choice in everyday life, with each opportunity that comes to us, with each hand that reaches out to us, for what ever reason, needing help in whatever way, our choice whether to reach out, and make eye-to-eye contact and share the experience of helping and receiving help. Momentary dharma, and you can help or you can not, the choice is yours. But the fact is, truly and truthfully, one day, you'll need help just as they did.