Blessed Existence

My disability has blessed me in this life so that I may find the time to live my life as my testimony and space to chase my many endeavors. I have come to know Spirit in my life unlike any time before and my family has a bonding that far exceedes normal family relating. And here is where I appeal to your sense of urgency. Everywhere on the outskirts of every town you will find huge warehouses, phat facilities full of souls long forgotten and abandoned to an institutionally biased system which says if you are old you must die here or if you are disabled you must die there.

We say we have learned from the example of Christ and human consideration, compassion and yet Georgia is the 5th worst state in the nation in regards to nursing home occupation sending 85 out of every 100 people here to die in them. We will all become old one day and tragedy-it happens all the time everywhere.

How many of us truly act in each instance that crosses our lives, unjudging and unprejudiced to each hand that reaches for our aid. Shouldn't we be looking for opportunities to show the world the Glory that spirit fills us with abundantly each day? We must hunt the moment to help those who may need us for in their suffering do we find the chance to share the feeling that Christ himself lived in each instance blessed of grace and unexpectant compassion.

Have you been to a nursing home where hopelessness pervades the soul of all who enter its halls. Those who work there cannot because if they have any heart at all, any feeling; they themselves cannot neglect nor take the overwhelming load impinged upon them. And for those that live there with no alternative than to watch others suffer to death with you with not but cigarettes and talk shows for relief, we must do it for them before time to claims them in horrific ways. A lot of the death that comes from nursing homes is due to environment and not natural causes. Dehydration, bed sores, and complications-- all signs of neglect.

Out of no self directed goal I am on a quest to give everybody that is currently institutionalized; your mothers, your brothers, your fathers, your sisters, your uncles, your aunts, your friends; all of those individuals the right, the choice, to live in a community-based setting in an inclusive world where they can interact and relate to society, and culture on an everyday, one-to-one basis. Nursing home environments, thought they seem like a grand idea, and idealistically would be if they were places that promoted beneficial, healthy and ispirational lifestyles. Still inclusion is he grandest experience.

If we could send some to safe environments where learning, growth and experiencing things soulful, were part of the living environment fine but if not then changes must be made. That would be great, but those wonderful places don't exist in our money-oriented, profit-oriented world where people and policy don't mix.

Corporate property, whatever the case may be, the fact is, that on the losing end, 85 out of every 100 individuals in the state of Georgia today will die in a nursing home, under cruel conditions, neglected, abandoned by government, state, friends, and family; it's sad but it is true. That's why we at ADAPT are trying and struggling to raise funds so we can pursue a bill called MICASA (which means my house in Spanish.) It stands for the Medicaid Community Attendant Services Act, and what this bill would do is exactly what ADAPT stands for....American Disabled for Attendant Programs Today. It would give each and every individual currently in a nursing home the right, the opportunity, to live life on his or her own terms, face to face in society with all its members. This is what we seek with this bill, and the nursing home industry itself will not suffer because everyday the bills will be full for whatever reason. We don't agree with their policy, their ideas, or what drives them, but we understand those individuals which need those kind of environments. Although, we still think that everyone would be better served in the homes with loved ones, and with those that aren't necessarily just medically oriented; the friendships and relationships which are outside the nursing industry.

This is why we're here today; we are seeking your support in which ever way you can provide it, whatever way it is that you choose to participate in our cause, and in our passions. We ask that you do so with inspired heart, inspired mind, and understand what drives us to do the things that we do; because although we have been associated as a civil disobedient group, and doing those things which only leaders in the past, associations in the past, radical associations were related to. However, ADAPT doesnt't stand for civil disobediences, it stands for just cause, it stands for change, and we do what is necessary to get things accomplished as fast as we can because people are dying every 3 minutes. They are dying somewhere alone in horrific environments, and horrific conditions. For this sake, we must get things done as fast as we can, get HR 20/20 through Congress, through the White House, so that people can be free and live free, and live with choices.