Let's Work Together

This article is for the nursing home industries, to let you know where we stand as advocates of the silent holocaust. We are in no way trying to devalue your services or reduce your profit margins, however, it is our belief that all persons at all times, should be allowed freedom of choice to decide their own circumstance. We are not trying to shut down nursing homes, but rather find a place for both institutions and community based services in the grander scheme of it all. Your business does honor for many individuals who need assembly with others of similar conditions for comfort.

People find comfort with those most similar to themselves. Even for me back when first injured , the idea of living amongst a group of young people with disabilities seemed very appealing, therapeutic. If not just for the comradery, then for the illusion of rehabilitation. I would be glad to hang out with others my own age with disabilities, who seem inspiring in awkward circumstance.

It would mean that I wasn't alone against the world; that their are others. It's the scariest thing, to be a freak among the masses, always looked at and made fun of. At least others understand; the doctors, the nurses, they could never know the true definition of disability in all its associations, relationships. They mean well; God bless them they mean well, but they can never truly know.

So, for the nursing home industries, it's not that we want to put you out of business, we just want to guarantee the quality of your service in the face of choice. Want us to continue gathering in facilities such as yours, make it appealing to the soul, desirable to the senses. There is no reason why the nursing home industry cannot be a inclusive part of the holistic world of disability and serve the elderly, disabled populations in an inspiringly beneficial way.

Why can't institutions teach job skills, vocational goals, independent living philosophies, advocacy, and self empowerment? It is because the focus now is just to provide decent warehousing and nothing more. Help us to help ourselves, there's no reason why the nursing home industries, cannot be a part of beautiful vision of future hope for its residents. If there is choice for either home or institution services, the nursing home would have to be a very appealing, safe, secure, healthy environment for anybody to choose to stay in them rather than in one's own home. Of course there will be many who do choose to stay simply because of hospitality and family vibe those kinds of places could foster.

We must, too, cater to those who like myself feel comfortable handling their own affairs. Demand for nursing homes will not diminish because of community based services rather it will help serve a need that extends beyond the capacity of all nursing homes in our nation. Those nursing homes providing beautiful spaces will be preferred to those businesses being run with shabby thoughtfulness, neglect, abandonment, denial of individual will within them. They will be the ones that must shut their doors, close down their facilities; because now no one will choose to stay within their confines.

Business will then transfer to the well managed care facilities which cater to choice and the growth of the individual. Why is it that because a bill is paid by the government that we allow some to live in nursing homes detrimental to their health; sorry, un-excusable environments where profit is the focus. Private paid nursing homes afford clients desirable, living accomodations full of activity to occupy interest.

I see the nursing homes of the future for those who choose it, as a gathering space for sharing rewarding memories and not a death row sentence to warehousing. Please work with us to achieve the goal of choice. We are not trying to delete your service industry , or your profits; we just want to offer a chance to those already destroyed by fate, grant them opportunity to pick up the pieces, and rekindle a little hope in their/our lives.

We lost everything once, and some still have nothing to hold onto, nothing to grasp; they/ we, all of us need desperately to find deeper meaning, make sense of it all in a way that fosters a sense of belonging , because that's all that anybody really wants, is to belong.