Important Things When Initially Injured:

1. Establishment of Medicaid and Medicare benefits
2. Advocacy resources which include How to Stay and Live Independently
3. Community Care Services Program, Independent Care Waiver Program and other Programs which will allow individuals to live in the community rather than have to go to institutional facilities, such as Nursing Homes
4. Options Cottage and Independent Living Program based in Warm Springs
5. Furthering education by establishing ties with vocational rehab
6. Magazine and Book resources such as New Mobility, Disabled Dealer, books such as No Pity and A Different Way of Being
7. Contact with nearest center for independent living and other resources such as FODAC, Tools for Life, Recompute

Medical Issues:

1. Information about the Uroloom, which would allow men to reflex without having to cath at a prescribed time
2. The importance of keeping a certain level of air in a roho cushion as to prevent one from bottoming out and getting a skin sore or having it too full and causing a pressure sore in this way
3. Importance of stretches, range of motion and massage for prevention of soreness
4. Importance of using weights to keep muscle mass which prevents pain
5. Importance of using supplements such as melotonin for sleep, glucosamine for body soreness
6. Importance of having regular bowel movements and maintaining fiber in the diet
7. The importance of shifting weight at regular intervals and spending certain amounts of time completely off of the backside and laying prone on the stomach
8. Importance of wearing loose fitting clothes so as to not cut off circulation to certain areas of the body including tight shoes
9. A tub-slide shower chair can be purchased rather than modifying the whole bathroom for roll-in shower chair

It is recommended to get individuals involved with either Advocacy or Sport so that individuals don't get depressed and have a group setting in which to relate with others going through the same thing.