Protest At Tommy Olmstead's House

Over cast day morning stiff sun barely breaking now and then peeking spectral clouds. 10:30 a.m. posse up with my friends also conspiring for this action. It has been a month since we, MaconADAPT, went up to join the Atlanta posse for a little rally at 2 Peachtree the DMA building to try to get Tommy Olmstead in engagement for a little dialogue. Of course he was to busy then to mess with us peons of society, being important has its prejudices. He's been to busy even to answer the calls I've been making to him everyday for the past 2 weeks since I found out he lives in Macon. I knew he wouldn't call. He thinks what he's doing and saying with his petition to the Supreme Court would go unnoticed. But we ADAPT know and we were here to let him know he's wrong.

30 strong we met the media, both local stations wmaz 13 and fox24 at the nearby Dairy Queen so as to not leak information of the exact target; they didn't know we were converging on his residence. We caravaned to Tommy's local stonycreek residence with flourescent signs inked in his honor Hoping someone was home though in truth it would not matter. We found lone car and silence as welcome to our campaign.

Tommy couldn't come out to play and if he was home he was to scared to meet us face to face. So we lined up in front of his quiet neighborhood residence conveniently nestled on the main road of his subdivisions. Neighbors would drive slowly by as if witness to circus parade "Who are these freaks and what are they doing here?" We covered the street stopping traffic while the media cop their story. Decorated his mailbox and yard with signs and logo to mark our presence for his later arrival.

Mary, a local nursing home resident and I, did a face to face with the news reporters informing them of the institutional bias of our state and nation; MiCASA; the impingement of our civil rights that this case poses to us and the ADA, which still remains the only federally mandated legislation protecting our civil rights as a community. Macon now like Tommy's neighbors knows where he stands as a man on issues concerning the institutionalization of human beings based solely because of disability. Macon also knows where ADAPT stands as a grass roots organization fighting for civil rights for the elderly and disabled populations.

It's funny how Tommy's people found time to talk to Fox 24 but hadn't a moment to spare for the likes of me. He knows now. Both 6 o'clock news stations in his hometown made sure to let everyone know today how he felt about person's with disabilities. We were even mentioned on the local news websites. Everyone knows now which was exactly the intent of our little awareness campaign .All he had to do was call, but hey we don't mind housecalls I wonder if he'll answer me now or perhaps I should visit him on the weekend sometime. Maybe every weekend considering we're neighbors and all.

April 9, 1999