Eluding World Peace

Happy New Year everyone, solstice passed, even though it's the beginning of winter we are gaining sunlight inching closer to spring and new blooming. I love Georgia winters, the mellow cold, never so harsh as to be overly threatening. Many days hint at the eventual return to warmth. I give gratitude for your audience and wish much abundance and praises to you in whatever endeavor you may be enterprising. I'd like to thank those who responded to the Terri Schiavo case, making sure opinion was heard. You have forced a stay of execution so to speak, an appeal in the fate of Terri's future. She will not die in January, the result of forced starvation. Her family will not bring in the New Year gripped by her passing.

We are responsible for the actions of our world leaders, we must stay informed of their vested interests, insure they support the health and well-being of the common good of all peoples and not just a select few. Hope lies in the children and those yet unborn who reeducate themselves, challenge accepted ways and belief systems that say accept it as it is, succumb that nothing can be done, live as they say it should be, you have no power, you have no authority to change any of it because you are small, puny, and your interest matters not on the world scale.

That's what they would want you to believe. However you have every authority to own the world as your own, sharing its miracle, abundance, and beauty with the family of creatures who just so happen to have the same incredible opportunity to share conscious being on a planet that just so happens to be at the perfect distance away from the sun as to support life and living. Change lies in our own empowerment. We each have tremendous energy, ability to create, cause effect into each moment that passes.

2003 crosses globe as we mark occasion with resolutions, promise to ourselves for personal change, and wishes for world peace. In Winder a banner hangs over the road near City Hall ornamentally declaring Peace On Earth in big red velvet holiday letters.
We can only wish it for some areas of the world. With the threat of terrorists and a looming Gulf war, we hope in some near future we can reach a semblance of peace that does not need the threat of arms to secure its condition.

World peace has eluded us for so long, battles were a part of the shaping of every era of history in some way. Even right now on CNN, stories fill headlines about people obsessed in crazed attitudes, killing each other in the names of God and religion, warring over invisible boundaries, ancient disputes, set customs, differences in color, race, and religion. Some say these are crucial times and that we are on a deadline mounting forward to some strange destiny holding the fortunes of each of us as a whole. Some say there's no fate beyond how we choose to act in regard to our future tomorrows.

Some say nothing else matters beyond how we act in this moment right now, that we can change direction, but we must own our insanity and quit shifting blame to others. Peace has eluded us because we haven't wanted it. If we wanted peace, true peace, it is a possibility. These are important times no question, we cannot ignore that as humanity, we are ultimately responsible for our own growth or demise. If we want world peace, peace must be felt on individual levels. Knowing peace allows for it spreading. Those that have it, want to share it, so that others feel it in their own worlds. Having felt peace one knows how good it feels and natural inclination leads one to want to share it with everyone for no other reason than it feels good.

But like peace, hate, insanity, madness, chaos, prejudice, envy, greed are also bred by the routines of world. If children grow up feeling peace for themselves and those around, they will learn it and know it and learn that it feels good and that it is joy to share with others. Likewise if children grow up with parents that hate others for some reason or another, it is likely that children will learn prejudice as acceptable behavior, and mimic such attitudes for at least some time of their life perhaps indefinitely. That is why family is so important. That's where peace or chaos begins.

If we individually interject change into the world, the ripple will unfold of itself. If each of us becomes aware of the routines we run perpetuating the madness that rules our world, we could catch how we respond in those moments and change the behaviors that create obviously unhealthy cycles. We have to scrutinize carefully where industries and markets lead us. Economy is not worried about the health of environment but the wealth of governments and financial institutions. As long as global direction is short-term focus on wealth and economy, extracting natural resource for profit, we will continue to have absolute disregard for ecosystems that claim humanity as part of the whole, attached, and dependent on each other, one another.

We are responsible for what reigns in our world. I sense a grander scheme to the drama of histories past unfolding and our movement toward possible futures. We each have an important part to play in a world that would hold us collectively in peace. We must each assume roles if we are to succeed in turning things around, making things better for the children of inherited world..