Natural Holy Day

I give thanks for all things watching sun fall from crested height to mark day in other realms. I offer the smoke of this sage to carry up prayers for world consciousness. Sunset June 21st the longest day of the year- The Earth is tranquil, creatures lulling Night soon to be on us. I hold up pinches of tobacco to honor the four directions as above so below Sun, Moon, Earth then voice prayers, humbling myself before creation, honoring all that is, was, will be. I pray this moment for all of us, for harmony, communion, wisdom, strength in these growing times together. Everyday we lose 4 minutes more of sunshine until September 21 the autumnal equinox when there will be exactly 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night. The equinoxes and the solstices have been honored by many ancient cultures as the 4 most holy natural days of the year. Thousands of temple complexes all across the globe have been precisely laid-out and structured so that those 4 days of the year, the vernal/autumnal equinox and the summer/winter solstices, were honored and remembered as the 4 days which mark the cycling of light, halfway, and changing direction within our skies. This light cycle naturally coincides with when the Earth and creatures respond to innate hints of blooming, dying, and rebirth another day.

Many ancient societies and civilizations were set up based on the knowledge of these four days-- people would know when to plant and when to harvest, when certain crops should be seeded into the Earth.
Those seasons controlled the weather patterns and cycle of rains that nourished plants, creatures, sustain us. The seasons also marked the cycle of rain and how water cleansed itself by going through the movements of seasons. During winter rain is largely deposited as snow in the mountainous regions of world. In spring, these waters melt responding to the increased sunshine and warmth. These rains flood lands, creating new life and storm activity. In summer the Earth blossoms at its height, plants grow, creating food. Fall marks harvest and the next preparation for winter when snows again collect mountain heights starting cycles anew.

There was a time when our modern culture like so many indigenous tribes, lived closely in accordance to the cycles that rule the Solar year. We in modern world forget that all abundance essentially first comes from Earth and her courtship with Sun and Moon. We forget our connection to nature because now everything comes commercially packaged and individually wrapped. In the grocery store down the road, products from all over the world have been gathered, processed, and wrapped for sale and general consumption. When we always buy what we need from stores, we forget the connection that that product has to the Earth and its origins. We are less aware of our own connection to planet, because it seems every time we want meal or something to drink, we go to our nearest store, fast food counter, or restaurant where other humans have specially prepared item, meal, beverage, for sale. This always receiving from restaurant, grocery store, or fast food chain has blinded us to the incredible ways that the Earth cycles harvest, allowing for the reincarnation so to speak of all food/drink/medicines/herbs/energy created on this planet.

In our quick paced modern societies we have forgotten our interdependence to Earth Moon and Solar cycles. We have forgotten about the need to allow the Earth to replenish and the necessity of leaving a little so there will always be more when you return. Because we are profit-oriented society, we take as much as we can from what's there. Colonial capitalism teaches, exploit what you can, then move on to exploit what further increases profit. This line of thinking is what's responsible for depleting the Earth of her natural resources. There are everyday news stories about how we are depleting the forests, the oceans, the air of their natural ability to do the things which nature had intended them to do for the good of all creatures.

Humans are responsible for the ozone depletion, rainforest depletion, ocean marine life depletion, etc now ruling our collective dream. We create the chaos that may soon be irreversible as a trend unless we do something in these moments we share now, to restore the honor with which ancient societies bestowed upon the Earth/Sun and natural cadence of harmonious natural order. We have to change this single pointed focus of money guiding world economy. Money won't save anyone in the end. No matter who is the richest and has the most gold, if the Earth can't sustain life there will be no discrimination. There will be no later chance for redemption. We either do it now or watch it get crazier from here. It won't matter which country is the strongest, or has the most nukes, if land, rain, air here and globally cannot sustain life anymore, because we have poisoned the waters and the air to such a degree that wherever that water or air goes it creates death instead of life, what does it matter how much money you have. It will be a miserable world for us all.

We must teach revere and respect for all things especially those things that we are especially dependent on for existence. The Earth can take care of all of us in a good and healthy way, if we allow her to naturally restore those things we consume globally. If we continue with the mindset of profit now, let the children and future generations deal with the residue our selfish ways of directing world direction, then we're not going to make it as a race of creatures gifted with the most awesome blessing of life on a planet exactly at the distance from a Star that is exactly the right temperature to create and sustain life, existence on such an abundant scale.

We must be responsible for every aspect of our worlds. As long as we continue to blame others, we will never find the strength to change things ourselves. The seasons, day/moons, sunspots, movement through the zodiac; all happen in cycles. The most important thing for each of us to realize is that we are connected to these cycles and that we are interdependent within them. Since our inception into this world, we have had people, systems, ways of believing influencing us to be certain ways. We have forever been guided to live for the expectations and focus of others. Many have for whatever reason surrendered themselves to mediocre lives believing themselves to be ordinary. When we learn to utilize personal power and assume responsibility for our worlds, the game immediately changes. Change is what determines who you are. We can dream big, creating awesome story. Life is ours, to decide with how we want to be, what kind of mark we want to make for all to see.

Change starts with each of us, Life must be the example of who you are, every aspect. Our vote, power to protest, come together, voice and complain about crooked regimes and tyrannies on all levels, and do something about it, are our power as beings living in this time. We as mass numbers of collected intent, as individual efforts can ripple dramatic effect into the world. There is not one thing here in the miracle of this dream that does not serve purpose. Everything is guided by universal intention. We are intending with our wills, creating with our thoughts, magnetically attracting situation. What we think, will, create, becomes the reality that entertains us.