Truth Behind the Lies - World Hunger

Finally in a "World Hunger" we get a true view of the reasons behind the global scale of poverty. the intricate reasons behind its existence within our realities. Always the cause reflects back onto humankind's inability to perceive the world through an avatar's eyes. Because there is a lack of true spiritual understanding, the world spins itself into calamity and never considers truly how to restore order to the structure of all things. It's like one day the world got off track and we never turned back. The few subjecting their will and power upon the masses. Seems the whole reason beyond overpopulation, for the globally escalating hunger and poverty issue lies in the fact that humankind itself is responsible for creating hunger and poverty within the world. "The world today produces enough grain alone to provide every human being on the planet with 3,600 calories a day. That's enough to make most people fat! And this estimate does not even count the many other commonly eaten foods- vegetables, beans, nuts, root crops, fruits, grass fed meats, and fish. ABUNDANCE, NOT ,SCARCITY, BEST DESCRIBES THE SUPPLY OF FOOD IN THE WORLD TODAY." (Lappe and Collins, pg. 1)

We know there is enough food, even with the over abundance of people within the world. It is man that chooses to live over-crowded, disease infested gatherings and populations of people. It is man that places embargoes upon other nations and it is man who tyrannizes its own people for the benefit of the few such as the case in Bangladesh. "One peasant described what happened in her village. 'A lot of people died of starvation here. The rich farmers were hoarding rice and not letting any of the poor peasants see it.' Asked whether there was enough food in the village, she replied, 'There may have not been a lot of food, but if it had been shared, no one would have died." (Lappe and Collins, page 16) In today's global market economy, we in America throw away enough food everyday to feed all the starving children of the world. So I think the correct question is not what to do about poverty or hunger, but what to do about the system which created the poverty and hunger.