At the U.S. Supreme Court For Olmstead Decision

We're currently in front of the U.S. Supreme Court, as you can here from the chants and the rallies, everybody's protesting, crying out for freedom. We're strown all the way across the front steps, the guards, patrols, around the perimeters and the front and circumference of the U.S. Supreme Court , the flag is waving strong in the symbol of freedom, and we're here to declare that this unjustice cannot go on any longer. People with disabilities deserve the right to live in an inclusive setting under free will and choice. The leadership of ADAPT possey is in front of the guards, the caskets, coffins laying on the steps; coffins representing all of those that are dying in institutions, all of those that are still being used for corporate profit, it's about people and not profit! That's why we're here, that's why we have to this, it's ashame that we have to get together in such extreme measures to declare only that we want our equality, and only that we deserve our equality, and so, as I look before me with the capital before me, the U.S. Supreme Court behind me, all my people all around em, wheel chairs gallore, abled bodies, everybody helping each other supporting the one cause, the one true passion cause that we have- freedom, equality. Newscamera people walking around to catch their story with film, video tape, we know that history is being made here today, the signs read out for ADA rights, equality, and the most intergrated settings. This is what it's about, we are here at the U.S. Supreme Court, the highest court in the land, the symbol of equality, the supposed symbol of freedom, and as you hear the chants "People are dying, shame on you-people are dying SHAME on you." The animals lay in shade, people are cuddling in shade, hugging on to concsiousness, trying to fight the heat, those of us who are out here and unable to sweat, we are here still fighting the battle, still here supporting the protest, and though this isn't where everybody in America is at this moment, this is where they should be, but, we're here to guarantee that this is not something that wont go unspoken about.

There are people that we've never seen in Adapt that are truly intrigued by what we are doing here today, and what we've done, because they already notice how we go in and take over government buildings. There was 86 of us arrested Monday, yesturday we hit the housing and urban development, we hit actually right about 5:00 and stopped up the traffic, so it's pretty for them to meet our demands or they weren't going home to there family, and oh , my god! You know the safety of routine, but, anyways, it's beautiful to be around all of these beautiful people. There's as many able-bodied individuals as there are in chairs, and everybody is completely okay with helping everybody else , it's just such a mellow and peaceful scene. The only difference between this and a Grateful Dead concert is that

We believe that definately on the beginning of a child's life with a disability in mainstream society, that that must also be folstered with the independent living philosophy, and inclusion, so that children who grow up with or around wheelchairs don't grow up spooked and don't grow up being afraid, to see that some people need help and others are there to provide help, and hey, that's the beauty of it because it works both ways, it's a win-win situation.