Politics of Poverty

We speculate as to what can be done about the dire circumstances facing our nation and the world today. We ask how it ended getting to be this bad and if there is a way to cure it before it falls oin on itself. For poverty is like a disease that spreads like a cloud of black inked darkness, bringing with it foreboding doom and destruction. Hw can we push back the burden of our present fate. Everybody is like we'll just keep it like this for one more generation and let the next generation of fools deal with it. The problem is that there is no more time left to push it off for another hundred years. The generation we live is the most wasteful, most destructive, and most senseless stitch on time. In the past 100 years of the industrial revolution, we have practically exhausted the Earth and polluted near beyond repair, all the places of historic residence. And we are accelerating our destiny with demise, nothing is truly being done about the mass of waste our society and our culture produces. We ship our shit or refuse from society to islands off the bay, go far off into the ocean and dump toxic radioactive materials, bury nuclear waste, and flush all our shit into the rivers which stagnate due to our damming of them. We can talk about these issues and many others that are of high concern with the people. But talk is cheap and the way to getting things done is to organize civil movements which will incite media coverage to place pressure on political factions in control of the issues in question. The people are placed 2nd by congress after any who would throw kickbacks in the way of special interest money. In this way corporations assure themselves voice in the policies which come facing congress. Because of these relationships political officials are likely to honor whatever wishes are of the big money sponsors finacing their campaigns to office. Therefore, only through non-violent civil disobedience can anything truly get done. That is the whole reason why ADAPT is so effective in pressuring congressional leaders. Passioned for their cause, using media coverage for a righteous cause; ADAPt is a loosely organized adjustable rag-tag group of rebellious individuals tired of talking and slothing through the bullshit redtape of the system. We have tried that avenue and believe me noone listens. So this brings me to the meat of this paper. I and four other ADAPT members are going to have meetings over the legislation which we want passed through congress. This came about after a weeklong series of protests, sit-ins, and take-overs in which over 200 ADAPT members were arrested after raising hell about the conditions of people living in nursing homes and the governmental contracting with nursing institutions. so here it is-- CHECK Restructuring A Nationwide Agenda For Long Term Care.